Professional & Thorough Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Service

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service

A professional coronavirus deep clean service for commercial & residential properties

Extremely Thorough Deep Cleaning Services Based in Addlestone Covering North Surrey, West Middlesex, South West London and the Heathrow Areas.

Deep Cleaning For Your Surfaces

Covid-19 has forced us to change the way in which we take care of our hygiene. Ensuring your business and premises adhere to the current government guidelines is crucial while ensuring that your staff, visitors and customers remain safe is imperative. Whether you own retail premises, a restaurant or healthcare premises, a thorough and deep clean is crucial.

At Clean For Me, we provide a covid-19 deep cleaning service that allows your business to take precautionary and preventative measures as a way of dealing with the risks associated with Covid-19. As part of our Covid-19 specialist cleaning service, we have invested in the latest cleaning technologies and equipment while ensuring all members of staff are committed to delivering a service that really does make a difference.

What Does The Service Entail?

Covid-19 cleaning involves various processes and technologies that deliver a service of the highest quality possible. Therefore, we place a focus on every surface as well as touchpoints which include toilet areas, kitchens, doors, equipment, desks, door handles, furniture, windows and all other areas.

Our solutions are suitable for all work areas regardless of how big or small they are because our goal is to ensure that you benefit from covid-19 cleaning. We use the latest products and techniques that instantly get to work and within a matter of seconds, we can remove all bacteria and germs, providing an effective barrier against the spread of covid-19 as well as other pathogens. Our methods provide instant solutions which means that they are suitable for emergency coronavirus cleaning in those instances whereby the safety of your property might have been compromised.

We implement our extensive knowledge and commitment to every single job. Ensuring your premises are deep-cleaned and safe for use again. Whether you opt for a Covid-19 daily clean or you require an emergency clean, our highly trained team of experts are ready to follow all procedures as well as undertake a risk assessment. Our goal is to not only remove the risk of spreading covid-19 and other pathogens but to contain any potential outbreaks.

We strive to remove all traces of infections as well as prevent the onward transmission and cross infection of those who use your premises. The entire service is delivered with care and attention while also following all industry health and safety regulations.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer a number of cleaning services that can help your business and help your premises to remain safe.

Cautionary Covid Deep Clean

This service is designed to keep your premises as safe and as clean as possible. We will deliver a top-to-bottom preventative covid deep clean that will work around your business needs. The goal is to help ensure your premises remain clean, hygienic and safe while helping your business to instill confidence in the way that you are managing covid-19 risks.

Covid-19 Daily Clean

As Covid-19 is an ongoing threat, your premises could be compromised at any time but a daily clean will help to significantly reduce the risk. This service can be tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring we target those areas that you feel are more business-critical than others.

Back To Work Clean

If your premises have had to close because of a Covid-19 outbreak or a potential risk then we can help to get it back up to a level of cleanliness that will allow you to reopen. Our team of experts will implement the latest techniques and cover the whole of your property. We will not only provide a deep clean but we will also ensure your employees and customers feel confident returning to your premises.

How We Deliver Our Service

Our entire service is delivered by a team of qualified and highly-skilled cleaning experts. With their expertise and understanding of how to achieve exceptional results, we are on hand to help you with all of your Covid-19 needs. As a forward-thinking cleaning company, we ensure that we adopt the latest methods and follow all government guidelines.

We strive to help to stop the spread of Covid-19 while helping your business to continue to thrive during these challenging times.

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